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Discover the "Paradigm Advantage"

  • Paradigm can provide logistics services at any level and integration.
  • Consulting services, including complete supply chain planning and analysis.
  • Integrated transportation management services; planning, optimization and execution.
  • Supply chain visibility and tracking.
  • Outsourcing services.

Welcome to the Paradigm Logistics Group. Paradigm was created to service the food products industry and it's ever increasing demand for Technology, Execution and Empowerment. Paradigm delivers on all levels and that is the "Paradigm Advantage"!

The "Paradigm Advantage" consists of bringing together the top logistics experts, compiling decades of experience, creating a business model that elevates logistics management and sets the new logistics standard.

The "Paradigm Advantage" empowers our clients and enables them to be as large or as small a part of the day-to-day operations of their supply chain as they desire. They can continue to support carrier interaction and communication at their desired level as well. Meanwhile, the Paradigm team elevates the rest of the program technologies, efficiencies and visibility to the next generation of logistics.

In the food products industry, where the marketplace is "over demand", "under capacity" and "under communicated", Paradigm brings together a managed transportation program that provides value added services to all of your supply chain partners.

The "Paradigm Advantage" is your competitive advantage!

Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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